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The Danish Camp rules

Super Camp is a Danish badminton camp, which is hosted by Danish coaches. There might be some different rules at sports camps from country to country. This is how we do the camp in Denmark.


  1. The players are sleeping in the hall on airbeds or matresses provided by Superlejr.
  2. When the players go to bed in the night, we expect that players sleep or do try to.
  3. We normally seperate players in gender.



  1. The practice will mainly be in Danish but all coaches do speak English and the information will be given in English as well
  2. The practice will be mainly diffrent techniques, in the breaks players are allowed to play matches in the training hall. The last day we have a tournament with a lot of matches.



  1. We eat 6 times a day. Morning at 8 am, Fruit at 10.30 am, lunch at 12.15 am, afternoon fruit/biscuit at 3.30 pm, dinner at 6 pm and evening snack at 9.30 pm
  2. The meals contains a lot of different continential food that normally everybody likes.



  1. After dinner there will be arranged some non-badminton-entertainment which might be swimming, cinema etc.
  2. The last night we mighthave a non-alcoholic party with a small disco at the venue. 
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